Praise for Brenda’s Books

Praise for Brenda's book in various seasons of life.

Going through Brenda’s books is the next best thing to speaking directly with her – a great conversation interspersed with excellent, challenging questions throughout the material. I have enjoyed (and re-enjoyed) REACH BACKSHARPSHOOTING, and CELEBRATE ADVENT.
KAREN, Special Projects Professional


CELEBRATE ADVENT: Christmas can be a fun, but hectic time. It is easy to lose focus and concentrate on meaningless things when the wonder of God’s greatest gift should be first in our minds. Brenda Wolfe’s book, CELEBRATE ADVENT, has daily devotional readings from the book of Isaiah with decorative pages for journaling your thoughts. I loved the book! I gave them as Christmas gifts, and plan to read it again next year. What a lovely way to prepare your heart, mind, and spirit for Christmas. Get your copy, and – Enjoy!! MARY ANNE, BSN, RN


CELEBRATE ADVENT is a study guide to help you stay in God’s Word during the super busy Christmas season. It’s Biblical foundation from the book of Isaiah helps you seek “much more than a superficial relationship” with God. The book helps you focus on thoughts that value what God does. As you count down the days to Christmas, take just a few short minutes each day to help prepare your heart for a deeper relationship with Jesus as you celebrate His birthday. ANGELA, BSN, RN


CELEBRATE ADVENT – Brenda , I so enjoyed my Celebrate Advent Book that I bought last year that I loaned it to a friend in my Bible study. I’m sure it will be as important to her as it was to me. It was exactly what I needed last year. JEANNE BROCK, MSN, WHNP-BC. Director of Obstetric Education IU Family Medicine Residency.


REACH BACK helped me reaffirm that God never leaves me. The study topics address key elements of a believer’s life. I was often reminded that God loves me in spite of what I do, baggage and all! Reflection each week helped me realize that my part of the relationship with God is “reaching back” to Him, anytime, anywhere, for any reason because He first reached to me. There were continual reminders in the material that Scripture says God will never forsake me. What a precious promise!
BECKY, Musician, Caterer, and Chef


I am where I am in my walk with the Lord because of applying the principles found in Brenda’s book, REACH BACK. I’ve said this numerous times over the years when describing just how much this book means to me. Her subsequent books CELEBRATE ADVENT and SHARPSHOOTING have equally blessed me, but I would like to share specifically my experience with REACH BACK. The book is easy to read and fit into one’s daily routine. However, it is surprising how the brief, daily readings pierce to the deepest areas of the soul – to the hidden and subtle motives, attitudes, fears, prides, and postures of the heart. Brenda elegantly makes a case for the fact that the real battlefield of the Christian is in the mind. This battle is about whether I will make Christ Lord in the most central, basic arenas of my life. Every other Christian endeavor, often more apparent, is built on this foundation. There are relatively few materials that highlight this critical truth and urge/equip Christians to take action at this level – thus, intentionally reaching back to our Savior. REACH BACK is saturated with the Word of God and is a very practical tool for applying and interpreting the Word to one’s daily life. I have found this resource to be a guiding beacon and encouragement in the midst of all the interactions, demands, and business of my day.


Intentional Living resources pulled me from a burning house! Before I began studying in REACH BACK, my feelings led my life. As I read REACH BACK, and then reread it 2 more times, I realized all of these years I was not believing God and His promises – – and I was a Christian! I did not really trust Him. My faith was so weak. Pride, fears, and anxieties made me my own idol. When I started SHARPSHOOTING, I began learning how to shoot accurately into life issues. I learned to focus on who God is, who I am, then choose Him as Lord and not me! It takes lots of practice to surrender – looking closely at what I am thinking. Studying SHARPSHOOTING is like climbing a spiral that keeps getting higher. These books have helped me believe God is who He says He is and that Jesus is a real person who came to save us. Now I truly know His love.
SUSAN, Special Education Teacher


DESPICABLE WE   Ouch! Ugh! The book of Ezekiel is hard to read, especially when we realize that God – through Ezekiel – is focusing the spotlight on how truly unlovable and despicable we really are. And yet, He loves us with an everlasting love! Can we be fixed? Author Brenda Wolfe guides us through the book of Ezekiel in 67 thoughtful, intelligent devotionals, offering many “lightbulb moments!” The news is good. This book shows us how we can partner with God!
SHARMIN, Pastor’s Wife


REACH BACK This book is excellent! Great for individual discipleship training. I could see a believer’s Bible study group using this material, as well. The material would be foundational for classes with new believers in the faith . . .Yet, I have served the Lord for over 45 years and it BLESSED ME! I would give it 5 stars. DANEILLE, Missionary to Mozambique and Author to SnowDEN with the Fam website.


CELEBRATE ADVENT I just love how author, Brenda Wolfe, helps you prepare for Christmas. The daily focus only takes a few minutes each day, but the reward is great. This little book is something you will use over and over each year to inspire you. It also helps you prepare for the coming New Year as you partner with God – by giving you real life solutions to guide you through. CELEBRATE ADVENT has helped me stay focused on the real reason for Christmas. “Draw near to God and He will draw nearer to you.” (Js.4:8) THERESA, Hand-Made Jewelry Business


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