Partner Connection

Intentional Living is developing a “Partner Connection Page.” This provides a way that ministries can reciprocate promoting and supporting one another’s work. Here’s how. By having a presence on my website Connection Page and allowing Intentional Living to have a presence on your website, we increase the reach of each effort:

  • For stronger prayer support – globally!
  • For exposure to the work and projects God has led you and me to develop – globally!
  • For increased opportunity to get the message of each ministry into the hands of more people around the globe.
  • For greater presentation of each other’s products, tools, and resources to encourage believers in Jesus – globally!
  • For a stronger Body of Christ – globally – for His glory.
  • For a more united thrust into the needs of this world by making the interests of Jesus our greatest priority (Phil. 2:21) – globally!

Please email me if you are interested: