Easter – Take A Tiny Moment To Prepare For Easter


It’s Easter Week!Easter 2017 - Tulips


COUNTDOWN: 7 days to Easter! 


Intentional Living is hosting a special Easter Holy Week online mini-event.

“Take A Tiny Moment To Prepare For Easter.”

This mini-event features a brief, meaningful daily post with 2 focuses:

  1. MEDITATION THOUGHT – short reflective thought to help prepare your heart for Easter.
  2. TRADITION ACTIVITY IDEA – fun activity you can do with your family and/or friends to celebrate and teach kids how to observe Easter in a Biblical manner. Each day has a “Teaching Point” to focus on.

PLUS: A 1-day BONUS POST on Saturday – “When You Run Out of Ideas of Where to Hide An Easter Basket.”

Simply click on each day to enter the focus material.


I’m posting a link to give you a chance to order a teaching tool NOW for Day #3 (Wed). This is one example of a set of Resurrection Eggs. There are other sets online that might be a better price. Shop around. Or stop at a local Christian book store. Kids love this set of Resurrection Eggs that tells the Easter story with a little reminder in each egg.