Match God’s Heart

What makes God’s heart so attractive? So compelling? Magnetic? What is it about God’s love that rivets you into His heart? And how can you match His heart in your daily living? How do you pass on His hope?

You may be practiced in spiritual things. Faithful in your devotion to God. You may even have discernment in deeper spiritual things.   Yet, none of these helps you partner with God’s reach into humanity if you do not effectively love others. God’s love helps you interface and communicate. It proves you care about another person. His love associates human value to your message of Christ. It motivates you to live as a credible example. God’s love enables you to walk alongside a new believer even as it empowers them to grow in their faith in Jesus.

Just like water follows salt, reaching to others follows God’s love. His love marks a trail to walk on, and that trail goes straight into His great heart. Are you familiar with that trail? Is it your daily path? Can you show another person the path into God’s heart?

Across the globe, generations of people have worked to become wise in worldly systems. They have little understanding of eternal things. Jesus turns this approach upside-down. He urges people to stay ignorant in worldly things, detach from worldly priorities, be innocent in worldly wisdom. His invitation? Become wise in eternal things. Jesus invites people to peek into His heart. To emulate His holy character. Just a tiny glance requires a response from you.

  • Become mature in perspective about global events, systems, cultures, needs.
  • Be “adult” in thinking, planning, strategizing in daily life tasks and responsibilities.
  • Grow up into God’s design for life. What would it take to get back to your created original design?

When people brag about experiences, flaunt opinions, disagree about theology, or boast about knowledge – no one cares, especially God. However, when you speak simply, honestly, and sincerely – from a heart of love, it has impact. When you build others up, you show God has deep concern for people. (Eph. 4:29 – 5:2)

It’s hard to match your life with Scripture. Resolve, prayer, surrender, and practice helps you align daily with God’s principles. Yet, becoming congruent with God’s love – matching your heart with His great heart of love – gives you credibility with everyone, especially God.

You are not going to be perfect in your partnership with God. You will make mistakes. Maybe even sin. If you’ve blown it, be honest, and point others to the very place you go in failure . . . the foot of the cross. That’s credibility! The trail of repentance leads directly into God’s heart.

Invite others to learn about Jesus. To know Him as their own Savior. To yield to Him as their loving Lord. Invite them to “fall down and worship God, exclaiming – ‘God is really (alive in me)’ “ (v. 25) Give them a peek into God’s heart by sharing His love. God’s love is very healing for every kind of woundedness.

Are you being the salt of the earth and leading others to the Living Water? (Mt. 5:13; Jn. 4:10)



Bring God’s message of hope to everyone in your life. Ask God to do what you can’t do – transform you to be like Him. Then, give your full cooperation to partner with Him as He works to change you. Match your life values with God’s. Use your mind to imitate His maneuvers. Practice His holy strokes. They will slip “hand-in-glove” into His power to change you and others. You will become God’s resource to others. His partner. This is putting legs to love. Legs that can walk the trail straight into God’s heart . . . bringing others with you.

“Be imitators of God, therefore, and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a living sacrifice.” (Eph. 5:1-2)

Match God’s heart!

Article developed from 1 Cor. 14: 18-25.

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