In Part 1, we explored 5 super simple processes to develop a 1-Page Goals Sheet. Those 5 steps give you approximately 1/2 page of data. Now develop the other 1/2 page. You are very close to being done with some great goals in place.

Before heading into the last 1/2 of this great life management 1-page resource, you need to refer back to part 1 for a moment. You started a Step By Step Action Plan. Step #1 helped you to establish some basics. The results of this step did not go on your Goals Sheet. Step #2, you asked good questions to identify a short list of things you want to make progress in. Steps #1 and #2  served to “prime your pump.” However, you were told the short list from Step #2 goes on your Goals Sheet. This is where that short list goes. We are going to develop it now.

First, we MUST talk about goals and objectives. They are critical if you are going to live with purpose and not waste your life.

Goals and objectives:

  • Help you establish a direction and pathway.
  • Identify parameters to help you stay on course.
  • Assess progress.
  • Help you accomplish value as you aim higher.

Goals are different from objectives. Let’s look.


  • Are specific things you want to accomplish.
  • Indicate where you want to be in the future.
  • Reveal changes you want to make.
  • Identify improvements to work on.
  • Cement realities you are committed to reach for.


  • Lay out the path you will travel to get to your goal.
  • Are specific, reasonable, measurable parameters with a time limit.
  • Develop daily, weekly, monthly intentional actions that propel you toward your goal.
  • Follow a logical order of progression.
  • Are well-thought ideas you use one stroke at a time.
  • You will never get to your goal if you do not set good objectives.

Goals and objectives need to be developed with thought and prayer. They do not need to be perfect. They need to breathe. Your 1-page sheet needs to flex and develop with your life as you progress through this year. I have never ended with the same 1-page document in December that I started with in January! Don’t be afraid to change things as you learn and grow.

Your ideas should be “mostly developed” so you can create an action plan. Occasionally, you may have an idea so raw – you can’t develop it in January. Include that “seed” to regularly re-visit and develop. Add it to the worksheet you developed before you started your 1/2 page document in Part 1.

OK – DONE defining goals and objectives. BUT – that discussion was essential to help you develop the next key elements to finish your 1-page Goals Sheet! Here we go.

Write out the key areas of your life. These are areas you must manage. Include things like:

  • Daily Quiet Time
  • Memorizing God’s Word
  • Ministries
  • Health and Fitness
  • Career
  • Projects
  • Personal Growth and Challenge
  • Relationships
  • Sleep and Rest
  • Hobbies

REMEMBER: To end up with only 1-page of information, use short sentences. Bullet lists. Don’t write a term paper! Once you identify above key areas, start assigning goals to each. Then assign objectives. To prime your pump, let me throw some “processing ideas” at the above key areas. Take a look at some options below. Use ideas to develop what else goes on your 1 page.


  • Daily Quiet Time – Prayer and Worship
    • Personal time with God.
    • When, where, how.
    • What to study, what prayer tools, a journal picked for the year, etc.
    • Slot material into all months.
  • Memorizing God’s Word
    • Build a simple plan.
      • i.e. – 3X5 cards OR on your phone OR a small journal book OR ???
      • Start small. Maybe a verse a week or a month.
      • Put your verse in front of you! Car, mirror, computer, wallet/purse, kitchen cabinet, tool bench, etc. When you see that verse – SAY IT!
  • Ministries
    • How can you touch lives more effectively?
    • Who, what, when, where, how?
  • Health and Fitness
    • Simple plan of what you will eat, drink, snacks, water intake, etc.
    • Days (and time slot) you will exercise and/or stretch.
    • FYI – This part of my own plan is only 2 lines – that’s it! And it works great to keep me focused.
  • Career – How can you be a better professional? List ideas and how to work on them.
  • Projects
    • Keep a running list. I.e. – fix-it stuff, mending, improvements, etc.
    • Set aside weekly time to “hit that list.”
    • Cross off completed work.
  • Personal Growth and Challenge
    • Include critical activities, even if they are not popular.
      • Example 1: READ! Keep a running list of books to challenge you. Include fun reads.
      • Example 2: FUN! Keep a list of activities that renew and/or relax you.
  • Relationships
    • Decide when and the length of time.
    • List who to regularly meet with:
      • kids, parents, friends, mentors, etc.
  • Sleep and rest. Yup – write this out!
    • Commit to a certain number of hours each night.
    • Jot a running list of ways to rest during a day. Just 5-10 minute slots work.
  • Hobbies
    • Identify them.
    • Assign time allotment with an ending time.
    • Use as rewards for getting other things accomplished. Great motivator.

IF YOU HAVE ROOM left on your 1-page Goals Sheet, you can include:

  • Inspirational Thoughts
  • Quotes
  • Meaning of your Name
  • Encouragements given by others, etc.

Be resolved. Don’t give up easily. Don’t make impossible plans. Use easy, measurable strokes. You can laminate or plastic sleeve your page.

Sometimes your progress is not easily observable. Over time, it will begin to show – if you stick with it. Even if you fall short of your goals, if you commit to carry out your objectives, you will find yourself pleased that you made progress.

This approach will give you success. As you resolve to carry out your 1-page plan, your whole life takes on a look of purpose. You begin to sense you are living intentionally.


If you missed Part 1, here is access To Set Up A 1-Page Goal Sheet.

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