I’m guessing you want to live with purpose, and that you care about your life being successful – not wasted. I have simple questions for you:

  • Have you developed some goals for the New Year?
  • Thought about a life theme?
  • Identified areas you need to grow in or develop?
  • Have reasonable, measurable objectives in place to help you get traction?

It is never too late to think about these ideas and jot a few simple notes. I want to show how simple it is to set up a 1-page Goals Sheet to keep you on track. Not a complicated system. Keep it simple.

I have used a 1-page Goals Sheet for many years. It really helps. You can look at it every week. Realistically, I evaluate my progress each month. This little page has kept me focused. I don’t need a boat load of data to live intentionally and grow. I join you in wanting my life to matter. To have purpose each day.

Life is hard and gets complicated. Feeling overwhelmed is pretty normal for most people – well, those who are honest. You need a plan to keep from floundering.

God cares about your dreams. He put many of those things in your heart. God wants you to have a year of forward momentum. And He wants to help you live simply, flexibly, focused, effectively, and freely. He wants you to live intentionally.

Here is a Step By Step Action Plan to help you set up a 1-page Goals Sheet. Before you actually start your page, you need to think about some things. Let’s begin exploring. Steps #1 and #2 help you identify some things.


To manage your world, first – establish 4 things:

  1. Approach – How you approach a new year “makes” or “breaks” daily living.
  2. Perspective – This sets the tone for everything. Attitudes, thoughts, dreams, hopes, experiences, etc.
  3. Priorities – Your priorities determine where you spend your resources, especially your time.
  4. A Plan – Your plan keeps all the moving parts working properly. It needs to be clear, yet flexible.

NOW – Write ideas down for processing purposes as you ponder the above 4 things. Develop a work sheet. If you are a pen and paper person, start jotting. If you are a computer or ipad kind of processor, pull up a doc and start typing. Most of what you write as you process these 4 ideas will not go on your Goals Sheet. These 4 things help you start to develop your thoughts for your 1-page Goals Sheet. Just start writing to prime your pump.


Next, ask yourself these kinds of questions to help you identify things you want to make progress in. You may have additional questions to ask yourself:

  • What is on your mind these days?
  • What is broken that you’d like to fix?
  • What do you want to work on?
  • What hopes are inside your heart?
  • What do you hope to accomplish or change?

NOW – Write down all your questions and any answers you have on your work sheet. Then develop a small list of items to work on this year. Name each item. Decide what you want to accomplish in each area. Just a heads up at this point – This short list goes on your Goals Sheet. But it will go a bit further down on the 1-page document. (More on “One Page Goals Sheet: Part 2.”)

  1. THEME

It’s time to put  thought into a short phrase to function as a theme for your year.

Example 1: if you are lonely – or just had a loss – or you don’t know what is going on with your friends – maybe choose a theme like “Comforter and Friend.” Repeat that tiny phrase in your mind as you navigate your circumstances this year. It helps you regain balance. Jesus is your Comforter and Friend.

Example 2: Perhaps lots of people place expectations on you. You hear many voices telling you what to do. Your own voice – and even God’s voice – gets lost in the noise. So, choose a theme for the year like – “His Voice Only.”

Make sure you include the Lord in your theme. You cannot live your life well without Him. Repeat your theme every day.

NOW – Add your theme and year to the top of your Goals Sheet. This is the first item you actually enter on your 1-page document.

  1. VERSE(S)

Ask the Lord to give you at least 1 verse to claim for the New Year. Believe He will give this to you to claim . . . wait for it . . . when He gives . . . Write it down on your Goals Sheet. Review this verse daily. This is the second thing you add to your 1-page document.


Journal a short prayer to God about this year and the flexible plan you are developing. Write it on your Goals Sheet. This is the third portion on your document.


By now you will have about ½ page of thoughts to propel you into this year. Click for Part 2 to Finish Your 1-Page Goals Sheet.

Don’t let this 1-page exercise be overwhelming. You will notice hope rising as you take steps to reclaim the management of your life. After developing this first Goals Sheet, you can “save as” if you are on a device as a template to change for future years. Tweek your plan through this year as needed. Part 2 helps you finish your document. It also talks about how to measure yourself and take inventory through the year, using your document.

If you are a big-deal planner and organizer, I encourage you to use a full life organization system for your approach. I recommend Michael Hyatt as the top “go to” person for tools and resources. He is the best!


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