The Single Best Way to Use Your Free Will and Get Control of Your Life.

How is your “will” these days? By will, I mean your power center.

What is a “power center?” Most people think of their will only in the context of “willpower.” An example that quickly comes to mind is – having willpower to be on a diet-exercise program. That is a limited use of the word. If you look up “will” in the dictionary, definitions include, determination, motivation, drive, resolve, backbone, spirit, self-control, in addition to willpower. Those words describe a power house, a center of power. Did you know you have one of those?

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If your life is like mine, you have come to suspect that many things that happen to you are out of your control. In fact, when you really look at life, the only thing you have full control over is your will. Be honest: you know you still have control over yourself and what you might say or do next. Your power center – your will – gives you options. And options are what you need. This realization keeps you out of a “victim mentality,” especially when your life falls apart or gets invaded.

Using your will, your free choice, you actually build your life. Every moment you respond to life, you are deciding what kind of person you will be the next moment. All those moments chain together to form your life. That can be a good thing – or not so good. It’s your decision.

This broken world is full of disappointments. The fact that you have power is significant. It changes everything. You are not a victim of life. You are in charge . . . of you! Your future depends on you using your will. You decide what happens next:

  • How should you respond?
  • What should you say?
  • Do you confront?
  • Do you ignore?
  • Do you give it a shot – and hope?
  • Do you set a boundary?
  • How are you using your time and energy?
  • What kind of character are you practicing?

With your will, you set priorities and pathways. You form new habits and patterns. You break old ones! You are the only person on the planet who can use your will to accomplish anything.

Solving problems and getting results isn’t always about changing your situation. That’s good news, because many times, you cannot change the situation. You can run! (Not much help.) You can pretend! (That’s unhealthy.) You might as well begin to solve the problem. God designed you to have power. He makes Himself available to help you address every issue.

Partner with God to become more like Jesus:

  • Check your perspective.
  • Think according to the Scriptures.
  • Apply scriptural principles no matter how you feel.
  • Accept the opportunity to be a living sacrifice (that hurts).
  • Embrace the privilege of waiting (that hurts, too).

The single best way to use your free will and get control of your life is to take responsibility for your power center and partner with God to be all He created you to be. Will you commit to do this?

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